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I Be Famous

I am constantly amazed how my words work their way around the web.  I was just about to add a new post to my Wordpress journal, and while parusing any new comments needing approval and seeing what kind of traffic I'm getting in between posts.  Since I have 3 or 4 blogs attached to my Wordpress account, my dashboard also shows me traffic of interest related to those blogs as well.

The one that always seems to get the most attention is Pagan Perspectives.  Just today, I found this linkback to my article blog -

While I haven't updated my Pagan Perspectives blog in some time (roughly 9 months or so), seeing things like this make me want to get back to writing articles again.  Though, I think that since I have been spending so little time online, my perspective may have changed a bit. I'm not as in touch with what is relevant to the Community anymore.

I think that what I might need to do to get back to writing is to maybe shift my focus.  A little less about my opinion on popular topics and maybe a little more on the things that are important to me now.  I guess we will have to wait and see.


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