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Beltane Menu

I think I mentioned before that I am going to start redoing my website - finally.  The part I want to start with is the Sabbat celebrations.  I sort of missed out on Ostara because life sort of got away from me that week.  I did make a nice dinner, and got some great pics, which I will post later.  Not Ostara party calibre, but a good start.

What I am focussing on now is Beltane.  I want to do a bit of decorating and have a nice big meal as well.  So, to start, I am going to want to plan out the menu, and I am coming to my trusty FList for some suggestions.

What are some of your favourite foods/drinks/etc to indulge in on Beltane.  What sorts of decorations/crafts do you usually use to make your space festive?

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