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New Look - New Name

I think I may have found a template that I can use to remake my website.  It's simple, clean and artistic - and it has minimal flash.  It's shocking how few website templates seem to be designed for a variety of personal content.  There are lots and lots of page designs for photo/art portfolios and plenty that are designed for blog content (and then there are your average business-style sites).  But very few combine the two and allow for something that isn't just a general overview of the hobbies of the site owner.

Any template I use will have to be altered.  Hopefully, I can keep the alterations to a minimum - I prefer to not have to learn a lot of coding and do a lot of graphic-work to get what I need.

Ideally, I would like to hire someone to design a custom site just for me, but that is a lot of money that I don't have to spend on something like that right now.  Maybe after I've completed my photography courses and have a business to advertise.

I think I am going to integrate my wordpress blog into the site.  I am going to keep the articles, book reviews and the sabbat celebration sections.  I might get rid of the BOS section, though.  I'm not as into the educating the newbie masses as I used to be.  I don't mind sharing my opinions and the outer trappings of my practise, but a lot of the rest has become something that is not really for public consumption.  I'm not really looking to create a tradition or gathering followers.

Along with the new look, I think I'll need a new name for the site.  'Into the Land of the Phae' is kind of fun and kind of whimiscal, but I think it's also indicitive of a much younger me.  The new site is going to be more visual, more modern, more reflective of where I'm at now in my life.  I think I need a title that will reflect that - something shorter, sleeker - something memorable. 

Anyway, that is the plan as it stands now.  How fast it comes together depends on how calm life decides to be for the next while.  Hopefully, the snow of last week is the last we will see this year.  It was up to about 10C today and sunny.  It was great!  I didn't realize how bad the cabin fever was until I was actually outside and running around. 

Yay for spring!

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